Stress: Effective Management and Treatment

July 27, 2021

The pressures and experiences of life cause stress to people in several ways. Stress is a change that occurs in one’s body due to pressure that occurs emotionally, physically, or psychologically. Stress is, therefore, a response mechanism that the body applies to the changes that it experiences. Informatively, there are different situations and experiences in life that can cause stress to an individual. Recently, there has been an increased prevalence of stress among the general population. Depression, anxiety, and physical stress may increase due to diseases such as covid-19, causing stress to the entire population. Stress affects the general population, from children to the elderly. Therefore, it is an important matter that requires to be addressed and managed. This article focuses on discussing the causes, types, prevention, and management of stress.

Causes of Stress

Several incidents, situations, people, or even objects can cause stress. Besides, the causes of stress differ from one person to another depending on their situation. One thing that causes anxiety among people is financial problems. Therefore, people experience unemployment or low-paying jobs, lacking enough income for their sustainability. Lack of enough finances does not allow people to maintain their life basic needs and desires. In situations that they are not able to do so, people get stress out the conditions. Approximately 72% of Americans experience stress because of a lack of money. Financial issues are, therefore, a significant cause of stress for most individuals.

Another cause of stress is work. People sometimes are stressed due to the pressures they find at work. Dealing with the work environment can be stressful to an individual. Sometimes meeting work deadlines can also be challenging hence being stressful. In addition, one can worry about particular work-related projects. Besides, an individual can be unfairly treated at work, causing stress.  Therefore, different pressures that come with work affect a person physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Personal relationships also cause stress that affects young people as well as adults. Everyone, especially young people, always wants to make friends, whether romantic or not. However, when relationships do not work, it causes stress to the respective people. Besides, adults in their marriage relationships also experience stress when marriages fail to work. Moreover, relationships are associated with conflicts and various types of violence that expose one to depression.

Lastly, daily activities and getting busy are also causes of stress. Minor issues that cause stress in our daily activities include forgetting to carry something to work or misplacing an important document or object that originates stress. Consequently, when such things become so frequent, can lead to depression or feeling of anxiety. Further, having a busy schedule also increases the incidents of stress to an individual. Currently, people’s lives are full of pressure since they have a busy schedule and several complete tasks within a day. Therefore, a minor or a significant situation can cause stress, hence depression.

Types of stress

Stress affects people differently, therefore showing different signs and symptoms. The following are the signs and symptoms of different types of stress. They include psychosocial anxiety, physical stress, and psychological stress. Psychological stress is associated with issues dealing with emotional or cognitive responses. Psychological stress stimulates the emotional and psychological reactions of an individual.  Besides, a person with psychological will demonstrate different symptoms. They include frustration, panicking, jealousy, fear, sadness, grief, and anxiety. The differences in an individual’s behavior; regarding the mentioned signs and symptoms demonstrate psychological stress. The second type of stress is physical stress. It is the type of stress that exhibits through the physical responses of the body. The signs include dehydration, lack of oxygen, hormonal imbalances, injury, substance abuse, and injection. Physical stress causes the body not to function normally. Another type of stress is psychosocial stress associated with relationships with other people. People experiencing challenges with their marriages or romantic relationships experience psychosocial stress. Psychosocial challenges are characterized by isolation, social support, unemployment, and losing a loved one.

Moreover, it is also another way of grouping other types of stress. One type of stress is acute stress, which occurs after a short period and goes away quickly. Acute stress can bring pleasure in one’s life and sometimes is associated with sadness. Acute stress can be experienced in one’s life more frequently and therefore referred to as episodic acute stress. The experiences in episodic stress are similar to acute stress, only that it occurs more regularly. Consequently, the challenges in life may be experienced differently, but one challenge comes immediately after the other hence different episodes of stress. Chronic stress usually occurs for a long time. Besides, and individuals with chronic stress get exposed to the stress stimulants for that long periods. The leading cause of chronic stress is the accumulation of different pressure, therefore harming health.

Further chronic stress deteriorates both mental and physical health. Thus, chronic stress is more associated with adverse effects. Situational stress is a kind of stress that is brought about by a particular condition. Usually, such type of stress goes away after the situation. In addition, anticipatory stress is characterized by anxiety when someone expects something or an event to happen in the future. For instance, a bride can experience anticipated stress just before the wedding day.

Management and Treatment of Stress

Stress is a problem that can be managed, and one gets free from it. Stress management methods relieve an individual from psychological, physical, or psychosocial torture. They are, therefore, the skills that one uses for coping up with stress. One way that people cope up with stress is by exercising. Regular physical activity helps the body to relax and therefore relieving stress. Exercise also boosts moods, making a depressed person more relaxed and happier. Besides, frequent exercise needs to be done for it to be effective. Another way of relieving stress is through proper dietary intake; fruits and vegetables provide the body with nutrients essential in boosting moods. Besides, foods rich in antioxidants are also necessary for reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Furthermore, some stresses are caused by being busy or too much work. Such kinds of stress can be removed by either taking a break or slowing down. A break from the daily pressures is a crucial way of managing stress. However, getting adequate sleep and relaxation can help control stress.

Informatively, there are ways of treating stress as well. The treatment techniques include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), and massage. MBSR applies the concept of meditation in helping people deal with stress, especially psychological stress.  The treatment method tends to enhance relationships, reduces anxiety, and increases focus. On the other hand, the CBT works by analyzing the negative thought that causes anxiety and depression. By analyzing the negative thoughts, it creates a positive mind that is crucial in improving psychological stress. Acupuncture works by stimulating the nervous system and immune system when thin needles are inserted under the skin. The process, therefore, deals with many issues, including stress. Acupuncture is best used in the situation that one is having insomnia. Massage is also another form of treating some types of stress. Massage stimulates relaxation of the body, therefore suitable for solving anxiety and insomnia issues. Stress should be a problem since there are ways of treating or coping up with it.

Preventive Methods

Fortunately, people do not have to deal with stress.  There are ways of preventing the occurrences of stress. Controlling pressure means that one avoids the stressors that will cause emotional, psychosocial, or physical disturbances. However, adequate supervision and employee management can prevent work-related stress; besides, addressing both employees’ and supervisors’ needs will help reduce stress at work. Organizational workers require a friendly environment to work. Again, they need enough time to work on tasks with slight pressure, therefore, preventing stress. Another way of avoiding stress is living a positive life and socializing with positive people. Hanging out with positive people is crucial since they will only help you look at life’s positive aspects. Besides, they will also focus on the things that one enjoys hence having no time for negative thoughts that causes stress.

In conclusion, stress is a health issue that affects everybody in life. Besides, there are different types of stresses that affecting people physically, emotionally, and socially. Moreover, various situations in life also expose people to other kinds of stress. For example, financial problems, relationships, and busy schedules can cause stress. Fortunately, stress can be prevented, managed, or tread using various ways. Therefore, people can explore multiple ways such as regular exercise, healthy eating, proper time management, and avoiding loneliness in stress management. Even though stress is harmful to people’s health, it also has positive effects since it teaches an individual’s life experiences, therefore, being able to cope with different stressors. Therefore, stress is part of life, and its solution is to deal with it appropriately for a healthy living.


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