Best Practices for Healthy and Stable Relationships

October 2, 2021

Even though each relationship is different, there are some basic ways to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. However, healthy relationships don’t look the same for everyone since most people vary in their needs. A healthy and stable relationship is possible depending on whether the parties involved can work on their needs amicably. Realizing yourself before getting into a relationship is the first step you can take to having a healthy and long-lasting relationship. This helps you know your position in a relationship and also assists you in recognizing the best party that you can relate with, ideally in a relationship. The following are some things worth considering for a long-lasting relationship:

Maintain Your Identity

Being in a relationship is exciting, and at the same time, it is easy to find yourself having a common interest and shared ideals. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ensure you maintain your identity as an individual. A healthy and long-lasting relationship always acknowledges individuality and that different interests and identities can easily complement one another and create a stronger bond. Personal identity is critical since it helps each party deliver the best in a relationship.

Understand Your Communication Styles

Just like most people have their personality types, everyone also has a communication style. This significantly influences how one communicates with others and also how one handles conflicts. Understanding your communication skills and those of your partner is vital in having a long-lasting relationship. This is one aspect that helps people navigate through any conflict and misunderstanding with great ease and empathy. Communication is ideal in any form of relationship since it helps people relate well. Honest communication will always lead to an emotional connection that one cannot get anywhere else. Usually, communicating with your partner may sound like an easy thing, but all the same, it means more than that.

Embrace Listening Skills

 Good listening skills are among the most significant assets in a lasting relationship. Being a good listener is not limited to only having active listening skills; it also entails understanding your role in any conversation you are holding. Being a good listener means that one can identify his role during any conversation. Not all situations call for feedback from you, and this means that it is good to master the right communication skills in a relationship. Listening skills help you efficiently address the conflicts that may arise without judgment and develop the right solution.


While individuality is vital in a long-lasting relationship, it is always wise to express yourself and opinions without overshadowing your partner’s needs and expression. Maintaining your identity is not about prioritizing yourself over your partner but self-realization and position in a relationship. Therefore, always make sure you approach your relationship with an open mind to ensure you reach a mutually beneficial decision as a team. Compromising means acknowledging that you have to give a little to get a little without keeping a scoreboard of who benefits from the other, an aspect that helps maintain a happy relationship. 

Create Shared Goals

Just like it is the case with creating personal goals for a healthy relationship, it is also ideal for sharing plans with your partner and working towards those goals together. Consider coming up with the things you want to pursue as a partnership to help you envision some parts of your future as a couple. Creating shared goals helps in the relationship’s longevity by ensuring that both parties are on the same page about the critical aspects of life. In addition, clear communication makes it easy for you to understand whether your interests match your partner’s.

Embrace Forgiveness

Some conflicts cannot be avoided in a relationship, and forgiveness is an art worth considering for a relationship to navigate through these conflicts. Whenever a dispute does not end in a peaceful resolution, it is only wise to learn how to move on in a meaningful way. A healthy and long-term relationship will only thrive when both parties know how to forgive one another. Additionally, you need to learn how to love your partner regardless of the differences and disagreements that you might experience.


Respect is mandatory in any long-lasting relationship. Respecting your partner as a decision-maker, individual, and equal partner in a relationship is critical. Respect means valuing your partner’s input and point of view in every aspect. Equally, one needs to respect himself in a relationship. Respect is one key thing that can help pave the way for all other aspects of a healthy and long-term relationship, such as communication and compromise. It is also ideal for learning to respect yourself in a relationship. You know the behaviors that are okay and those that are not okay. Hence, do not accept anything that is below your standards. This will make it easy for both parties to reciprocate respect.

Be Open to Learning Together

Learning is a huge part of any growth. As individuals, we grow as we age and equally become mature. In a relationship, always consider seeking new ways of learning since it is a rewarding experience. Learning something new helps one get distracted from unsatisfying living situations or work or any other source of stress. Additionally, it would help encourage your partner to learn new skills or even teach them something new. Moreover, learning together will help you create a solid and long-lasting bond with your partner.


Trusting another person can be scary since it calls for one to be vulnerable and give up some degree of autonomy. However, trust is crucial in building a long-lasting relationship since it ensures a stronger connection. Understanding one another is the starting point in learning to trust one another. Trust provides peace of mind, feeling safe and comfortable among people in relationships, realizing that they won’t hurt you emotionally or physically. You know someone has the best interest at heart for you if they respect you and encourage you to make individual choices.

Be Open to Change

Anytime you are working on a constant and long-term relationship, always consider being open to change. Change is constant, also part of life, which means that there will always be some degree of change in any relationship. Change is scary to some people since it means losing some aspect of life in a relationship. However, for people considering having a long-term relationship, changing with your partner is vital since it helps you grow close and strong together.

Always Have Realistic Relationship Expectations

The best way to adjust your expectations in a relationship is by evaluating your needs and communicating those needs to the other party; this will make it easy for you to move on with the shared expectations and goals. Having unrealistic goals and expectations will only work towards infatuating your relationship with your partner. Never go into a relationship with any expectations, one thing that will help eliminate any frustrations in the future.

Avoid Comparison

Considering the era of social media we live in, comparing your relationship with others has become easy today. One of the tips that can help eliminate this aspect is of comparison is ensuring you do not feel inadequate or unloved. Also, having a goal you are working on in a relationship will always avoid unnecessary comparison.

Create Your Own Goals

Setting personal goals in a relationship is a crucial aspect of maintaining your own identity. Devoting your mental energy to pursuits that will self-improve you helps carve much-needed space in any long-term relationship. Encouraging the same your partner too is ideal since it allows you to succeed and grow individually. By supporting one another in a relationship, it gets easier to grow together. 

Consider Check-ins

Scheduling relationship check-ins for those who are conflict-averse is a perfect solution. Check-ins only need to be set as per the parties involved preferences. Check-ins are an ideal solution since they create a safe space for open communication. Proactive communication is a perfect solution anytime you need to address negative feelings before the feelings fester and cause conflicts. Check-ins should not only involve disputes; however, they can be a perfect time to praise your partner for something they have done to improve the relationship.

Embrace Healthy Conflicts

Healthy conflicts are a suitable solution that prevents massive blowouts from manifesting. Usually, conflicts are meant to happen in any relationship. Therefore, learning to embrace conflicts and learning from disagreements is vital for any long-lasting relationship. Furthermore, navigating through a conflict healthy makes it easier for you to learn from the mistakes and navigate a relationship much more effortlessly.

Be Ready to Try Something New

Avoid getting stuck with just one routine; explore varieties. In most cases, long-term relationships experience moments of closeness and moments of distance. These moments may inevitably come when both parties in a relationship are stuck in their everyday routines and habits. Experimenting with something new is among the best solution to ensure you do away with such periods. Of course, this needs to be an activity that interests both of you.

Be Active

Personal health is a crucial thing when it comes to promoting both physical and mental health. Regular physical activities boost endorphins associated with mood and productivity. You can consider being active as partners or as an individual. Prioritizing your health will highly contribute to a high-quality relationship as well as a high-quality life. Equally, you can encourage this in your other party to show them you care about their long-term health and well-being.

Support One Another During Hardship

Supporting your partner during hardship is a key solution, just like it is in marriage. While equality is essential in any relationship, devotion is crucial, more so when one partner is in need. It is ideal for showing your partner that you care for them and are willing to offer some of your autonomy to help them navigate any hardship.

Take Responsibility for Your Happiness

A relationship should always be a source of happiness. However, it is worth understanding that every person should take charge of their happiness. In any relationship, one should know that they should care for their peace of mind and mental health even though their partner can contribute. In any relationship, each party should understand that they have the ultimate control of their mental health and any form of happiness.

Pick Your Battles

While it is vital to embrace a healthy relationship, it is ideal to prioritize what disagreements are worth fighting. Picking fights about every little thing that arises does not create a safe space for your partner to be human and the faults associated with being human. Reflecting on this aspect of picking the battles is vital since it helps you know what can make or break your relationship. Anytime you find yourself fighting over every little thing that arises, reflect on your mood or the situation or whatever is causing the annoyance. Communicate about all these things is one key aspect that will lead to mutual growth. Picking your battles is one step that you can take and create peace in your relationship.

Healthy relationships have at high-rate increased happiness, reduced stress, and also improved health. Studies have shown that healthy relationships only increase satisfaction and reduce stress to the parties involved. The only essential thing is to ensure you follow all the fundamental aspects that help strengthen a relationship. Any relationship that lacks the basics cannot thrive. A healthy and long-lasting relationship makes it possible for the parties involved to care for themselves and care for one another. Always take a step back and learn ways to have a healthy relationship before you can start practicing it. Also, take time to learn and understand your partner. By so doing, thriving in a healthy relationship will be an easy task. Consider your strengths and those of your partner, and they will overshadow any form of weakness that might arise at any given point.


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